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#502 : Amitiés brisées

Brian rouvre le Babylon mais les fêtards ont disparu. Justin rentre à Pittsburgh après que les studios aient annulé "Rage". Michael décide de demander le droit du garde de sa fille, Jenny Rabecca. Ted décide de changer de look après s'être apperçu que celui qui le draguait était en fait un amateur de mecs potelés. Emmett décroche un job de présentateur pour une chaîne locale et devient leur "Queer Guy".


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Titre VO
Back in Business

Titre VF
Amitiés brisées

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Script par : Del Shores
Histoire par : Ron Cowen - Daniel Lipman - Del Shores
Réalisé par : Michael DeCarlo

Casting secondaire :

Jason Bale (LA Justin), Adam Bolton (Twink 1), Rob Cardno (Hot Guy)
Damon D'Oliveira (Alfonso) , Bob Desrosiers (Joseph) , Kathryn Greenwood (Lila), Adam Harrington(Connor James) , Preston Haynes (Bartender),Rob Heschl (Soup Spoon), Christopher Huron (Twink 2) , John Kapelos (Don) , Adrian Martorano (Go Go Boy) , Mike Shara (Brett Keller) , Robert Watson (Sukhi),William Webster (Old Queen)

Maintenant fier propriétaire du Babylon, Brian a ré ouvert le club. Les lumières et la musique sont en place, mais il y a un problème où sont les garçons ?! Les gays de Pittsburgh se sont tous tournés vers un autre club et délaisse le Babylon, qui n'est plus la boîte homo à la mode.

Le studio vient de tourner sa dernière prise de Rage en effet le film est finalement abandonné le studio pense que les gens ne sont pas encore près à voir un héros gay. Justin quitte donc Hollywood pour retourner à Pittsburgh. Justin dit à la bande qu'il a déçu par la ville hollywoodienne, mais seul avec Brian il admet que c'était fun et excitant, mais que Pittsburgh a une chose qu'Hollywood n'a pas : Brian.

Alors que Brian tente de faire revivre la Liberty Avenue qui se vide, Michael s'en éloigne. En effet, Ben et lui viennent de signer les papiers pour acquérir une maison loin de la rue. Mais que Lindsay et Mélanie se sont séparer, Michael a décidé de pratiquer la garde alternée pour Jenny Rebecca. Il pense, qu'il pourra avec Ben avoir un environnement plus stable pour elle. Il engage un avocat pour obtenir la garde partagée. Lindsay, qui n'est pas un parent biologique craint que légalement elle puisse être exclue de l'éducation et de la vie de Jenny. Elle demande à Brian de parler à Michael pour le faire changer d'avis. Il le fait, mais il se dispute avec Michael parce qu'il choisit de défendre Lindsay plutôt que lui.

Debbie est offensée quand Michael lui apprend qu'il veut écarter Lindsay et Mélanie de Jenny Rebecca parce qu'elles sont séparées, et qu'elles sont par conséquent des mères célibataires. Elle lui rappelle qu'elle l'a élevé seul. Plus tard, Debbie rend visite à sa petite fille chez Mélanie. Elle lui dit qu'ils devraient tous les trois réfléchir à la situation et penser d'abord au bien du bébé. Mélanie interprète mal ses paroles et dit à Michael que sa mère est de son côté.

Emmett doit organiser le mariage parfait d'un producteur de JT local. Quand il renverse du vin rouge Emmett pense que s'en ait fini de sa carrière. Mais le producteur trouve Emmett super et invite Emmett à la Tv à devenir le new "Queer Guy".

Ted est déterminé à avoir un nouveau look : il teint ses cheveux et adopte un look "club". But il ressemble à un vieux gay qui essaye de redevenir jeune. A la fin, il désemparé il décide de consulter un chirurgien plastique.

[LA. Everybody is packing some stuff since Rage isn't gonna shoot. A crashed Justin packs also his draws.]

[Cut to Babylon. Brian and Ted enters the empty club.]

Ted: It all see come to be together. No obliges what I can see, everything looks good. All we need is to resigned, and the club transfered to the name Kinnetic Inc. and you got some insurance if someone got sue you. I'm sure the join are all yours.

Brian: Theodore, you are admirable.

Ted: All I say is say was go buy a new toy. But this isn't exactly the toy I had in mind.

Brian: Hey, it's just a box of appropriate boys of age 19 to 40s, so stop being the mother. I can afford it.

[They are going to the other side and we're cutless going to another empty room. But this time it's Michael and Ben, who were looking for some place.]

Michael: Are you sure we can afford it?

Ben: We did the maths a dotzen times even without the movie we've been having an income. Plus the money we've saved...

Michael: I just need some resurrance.

[Ben leans forward and kisses Michael.]

Ben: How's that?

Michael: Um, I already thinking of colors game.

[Cut to Babylon in the backroom.]

Brian: All the backroom need is a fresh smell of black painting and a condom dispenser.

[Cut back to Michael and Brian. They're enter another room.]

Michael: What about pink walls and a sky blue sealing in white fluffy clowds for the babies room?

[And return to the backroom of Babylon.]

Ted: Uh, it's amazing how a few changes can turn an entire old room into a fresh enviting space.

[Cut back to the babies room.]

Ben: Or we can brough paper, remember how Marty and Iliah have their kidsroom paper with Disney characters.

[Babylon backroom.]

Brian: And get a cleaning crew and jack-off the drive cum from the floor.

Ted: Yeah, it's probably yours.

[Cut to Ben and Michael. They're walking down the stairs.]

Michael: Wow, which all this space we're won't talk much to each other.

Ben: Unless we choose to be.

[Ted and Brian also walking down the stairs.]

Brian: I want to re-open by friday.

Ted: Friday? THIS friday!? But that's impossible.

Brian: But you've said everything is there when they're closed and we're loosing money.

Ted: Yeah, but we still need to hire a bartender, go-go boys and a manager.

Brian: Well, better line them up.

[Ben and Michael open another empty room.]

Michael: There is so much to do.

Ben: Well they used 500 years to built Notre Dam.

Michael: Is this suppose to encouraging?

Ben: We're making a home together, who cares how long it takes?

[Liberty Diner. Emmett talk with his cell phone.]

Emmett: Is there a problem with the change color? And the napkins. And the flowers....

[Michael and Ted are looking at Em.]

Emmett: And the menu... I don't know, we can change the groom. OK. [he hangs up.]

Michael: Who's that?

Emmett: Huh, a wedding an Alien with a predator. The groom is the producer of the Chanel 4 six clock news. The big news is when I'm survive. The bride is a drama queen and she's convinced that this will be a desaster... and believe me if she doesn't get off my ass they're maybe.

Ted: It can't be worse than Mel and Lindsay anniversuary surprise.

Michael: No shit.

Emmett: No, honey, you can't yourself let go.

[Deb screams in the backroom.]

Debbie: I can't your fucking pants on and I take your order as fast as I can!

Emmett: Of course I realise that never been possible.

[Deb serves their orders.]

Deb: Hey boys. I'm making Cheeseburger for Michael, bon-pie for Em and a TLB for Teddy. All the bacon are breath meal.

Michael: You try to keep in shape for your new boyfriend?

Emmett: He's adorable.

Ted: Yeah, he's history. He jack's off the fotos of Jack Kennedy. He said he's nothing in mind if I gain a few pounds. That's why he was in love with me. A fat old man turn him on.

Emmett: Teddy, you're not fat. [Ted looks to Em.] Well, not that fat.

Michael: And your certainly not old.

[A half naked guy comes to their table.]

Man: Excuse me, sir! SIR!

[Ted looks at him.]

Man: Babylon re-opens friday night. [to Em and Michael] See you guys.

[he leaves the table.]

Ted: He called me sir. He spoke loudly, so I could hear.

Michael: I thoughed Babylon is belly up.

Emmett: You mean, you didn't know? Tell him, Teddy.

[Brian appear and sits beside Michael.]

Brian: I resetated with my mouth on it.

Michael: so that's how you suppose to spend your income? You should brough a house.

Brian: Some of us queers need dancing and fucking to kiddies and and picked fances.

Emmett: Well, poppers is no house receipt.

Brian: Friday night poppers is back to be the pisshole how it was.

[At Mel and Linds. Michael is here with a present. A plush bear with Michaels voice. It says, "Hi, JR. You're daddy loves you."]

Michael: There is a new place in the mall. They design a bear of yourself and pick up their outfits and recorded your voices.

Lindsay: [to carry Jenny] It's adorable.

Mel: Precious.

Lindsay: You have to forgive Mel, she's been up all night with JR.

Mel: She has collics for 4 hours straight.

Michael: Look, I want to be apologize for getting so heated the other night. There was a shock, that's all. I wasn't expecting...

Lindsay: We know. No-one was.

Michael: Although when I remember all the time I stop by one of you was always out or work or taking a nap... Anyway sorry.

Mel: You've said that.

Michael: I mean after all that time you to together...

Mel: Thank you very much, we're sorry to, but if you don't mind I don't discuss with you our married problems.

Michael: The important thing is we need to decide how we gonna take care of our child.

Mel: OUR child!?

Michael: How much time she'll spend with you and with Linds and Ben and me. We're buying a new house.

Mel: How much time she spend with you is none!

Lindsay: Melanie please, would you lower your voice? I'm sure we can handle this without screaming.

Mel: Who's screaming? I'm making a point.

Michael: We had an agreement, that I'll be a part of our daughters live.

Mel: Yeah, which no time is included the custody. That never discussed.

Michael: That's how we made it, your two together, a couple, a family. No all that changed, now you're not.

Mel: Why? I'm still her mother.

Lindsay: So am I.

Michael: And I'm her father.

Lindsay: No one's denying that.

Michael: She is! She's saying that I have no rights.

Mel: No, I'm saying you may be her father, her biological father, but Lindsay and I were still her parents. That hasn't changed. Now, if you'll excuse me - MY daughter needs to be feed.

[Emmett at his horror job - a very difficult lady and the producer of the News. They discuss the wedding day.]

Emmett: OK, the bible and a toast with a glass of Chateu 1991...

Lila: Make that 1990.

Emmett: 1990. Well a voilin quartett plays a medley of your favourite Elton John songs...

Lila: I decided to go with "Eine kleine Nachtmusik".

Emmett: As well, I will tell the men... Now, when the wedding march begins, you're keeping on wedding march? Of course, you enter from over there [he points at the left side]

Lila: Why not over here?

Emmett: You enter from over here, holding a spray of lillies...

Lila: I thinking out of white roses and a babies breath.

Emmett: OK, then you proceed through the palor...

Lila: Um, when if it rains?

Don: I already ask Johnny, no rain.

Lila: Your weatherman couldn't see a hurricane if it blowing down the markets street.

Don: I go back to station. I got work to do.

Lila: Work? Squire your work! We're having a wedding!

Emmett: No, no, don't you worry. I'm gonna have a little talk to God. And there is no way He's gonna let anything rain on your parade.

Lila: Uh, the ladies room! We're haven't decide the colour of the toilet issue... mint, oh no... [she's walking away.]

Don: I wish you could see Lila under less stressful conditions. She's driving me nuts but I love her.

Emmett: Well, of course you do. That it's what all about.

Don: You know, I had it to and I don't know how you're do it.

Emmett: One of the reasons we're queer guys around. Help you boys straight people straight live.

[LA. Justin at Brett Keller. He's leaving and his man is packing his stuff.]

Brett: Drew, make sure you pack my swim suits and t-shirts. It's some hot in Australia.

Drew: Yes, sir.

Brett: Anyway, they're fired him. Three days end of the production. First time director huge production, he couldn't handle it. Also hear, he and Orlando Bloom did not get along. [to his head-set] Oh, Blair, I want that trainer in my hotel every morning at 5 am. Well, call the producer and fucking demand it.

Justin: How long you've be goin?

Brett: Well, it's a six months shoot from the planing. Where the hell is my ambian? A 18 hour flight it's the only way of live. Listen, I don't throw you out or anything but I figured while I was gone it was a good time to do some work at the house and redecorate. But please feel free to stay if a couple of days till you got something else.

Justin: Thanks.

Brett: Even I live at the other side of world I haven't lost my passion for Rage. My developing people make shopping around, the gay crusaders is too powerful for defeaded by some asshole who can't see at the box office, right?

[Michael and Ben at Ben's home.]

Michael: I can't get it how she talk to me.

Ben: But you're the father.

Michael: But I'm not the parent, well as far as Melanie concerned.

Ben: Oh, that's bullshit, you're be as much a parent than she is.

Michael: She hurt her. She's screaming so loud she woke up the baby. I know we can provide JR more than they can.

Ben: I'm sure you're right. But the one think we must think to do not over-react, stay calm and rush enable..

Michael: Nobody keeps telling me that! Right, I'll be calm and rush enable. There is no way I'm giving up my kid.

[Babylon. Ted give a call to the work mens.]

Ted: Finish those lights and open the doors. Could you move those cartoons behind the bar?

bartender: Yes, sir.

Ted: And don't call me sir!

Emmett: Hey baby. Ready to shake our bodies?

Ted: Emmett, I don't figured to see you here. I though you're to busy with the wedding plane.

Emmett: Well, I'm never to busy on opening night.

Alonso: Ready in 2 minutes.

Emmett: Ted, what we have over here?

Ted: Uh, Emmett, this is Alonso. This is Emmett. Alonso is the new club manager.

Emmett: And may I say this is only one improvement to the formerly one.

Brian: Well, this is much fun at the toys, just right the director said.

Emmett: I can't afford that and I can live only what god gave me.

Alsonso: OK boys, take your places. Let's bring the lights down.

Ted: And we're back in business.

Brian: One think I'm missing. [he give a call and the music begins.] OK boys and now...

Ted and Emmett: It's showtime!

[But instead a large group of horny, gay men only a few, mostly older guys come through the door.]

Brian: What in the fuck...

Ted: Don't worry, it's still early. [to Emmett] Where are the boys?

Emmett: It's short night at Poppers. All the hooker is over there. I think I'll go over and check it out.

[In a club in LA. Justin looking forwards and recognize a familiar face. It's the actor Shawn.]

Justin: Shawn!

Shawn: Hey, I didn't think you're still in town. [to his newest trick] This is Justin and so is this.

Justin: Seems that no shortage of it in Hollywood.

Shawn: [to the trick Justin] Can you get me another drink?

Justin: He's cute.

Shawn: If you like the type. It really sucks about Rage, isn't it?

Justin: Yeah, it really sucks.

Shawn: I swear that here's not integrity in town.

Justin: I thoughed you go back to New York to theater.

Shawn: I wouldn't be a heartbreak when I work with Bruckheimer. So, where's our genius director?

Justin: He left yesterday for Australia.

Shawn: I heard he make this remake about Manthra? Well, there isn't a Brett Keller film unless something rise.

Justin: He still planing on doin' Rage though. His people are shopping by the other studios when it's turn about.

Shawn: Justin, turn around.

Justin. Right, his lawyers make the rest.

Shawn: Yeah, but in this business doin' everything that rising you from the death is marveless. Well, but sometimes it's over. It's over.

[The other Justin have brough another drink. Shawn prosit to Justin and leave.]

[Liberty Diner. A crushed Brian is siting at the bar.]

Debbie: I hear you gave an orgy and nobody came.

Brian: Oh, I love how you can stale and make it fresh. Could you do the same for this muffin?

Debbie: What the fuck's with you?

Brian: Guess how many homos showed up last night for the re-opening to Babylon?

Debbie: Wasn't yesterday not lightball night?

Brian: Twelve. I count them. Twelve. 8 fucking grand down the grave. I must do something quick or else it would be another re-opening night tonight and tomorrow night and the next night.

Debbie: Sounds like a expensive blowjob.

Brian: I wouldn't mind if even that.

Debbie: But where they're all go?

[Just as that 3 tricks are coming in and siting at the table.]

Debbie: Where you're boys were all night?

Trick#1: Poppers.

Debbie: Poppers! That dumb of a club?

Trick#2: Only club there is.

[Debbie take the old muffin and throw at the three - and she's hit one boy.]

Debbie: You all people should know, there's no figurable than a fag.

[At Mel's home, formerly Mel and Lindsay's home. Mel just finished feeding JR. Lindsay rushes in.]

Lindsay: Sorry I'm late. The women in front of me had a stack of coupons. Hey sweety. [she's welcome Gus]

Gus: Hi mami.

Lindsay: Did you have fun with mama?

Gus: Yeah.

Lindsay: Here's the meds.

Mel: Thanks.

Lindsay: OK baby boy, gather your toys it's time to go back.

Gus: But I don't wanna go.

Lindsay: Have you ever go through this all the time?

Mel: It's ok, sweety. I'll see you tomorrow. You're mummy came to me,ok?

Lindsay: How's JR?

Mel: Up all night, screaming.

Lindsay: Why didn't do take her?

Mel: You can't be up all night and look after Gus like all day.

Lindsay: You exhausted.

Mel: Don't worry about me, ok? I can handle it.

Lindsay: No-one say you couldn't.

Mel: Then don't start.

Lindsay: I'm not starting anything. Just wish we could...

Mel: Make up?

Lindsay: Get along.

Mel: [looking at the mail] Shit!

Lindsay: What is it?

Mel: That little fucker hired a lawyer.

[Cut to Debbies house. Michael and Ben are carrying an old chair.]

Michael: His name is Bobby Venet.

Debbie: I heared he were married with Hugh Haffner.

Michael: That's Bob Ventin. This is a though gay laywer.

Ben: She picked the first adoption in Pennsylvenia for the surprime court and won.

Michael: Yeah, she said as JR father I have rights and I should fight for them.

Debbie: No! [to the chair] I don't like there.

Ben: So, she's agreed to take our chase.

Debbie: I'm glad to see your standing up for yourself. I'm sorry it had come to this.

Michael: They don't leave me any choice.

Ben: Is this the spot for the chair, Deb?

Debbie: I found it in the garbage. But Carl needs a chair.

[She's taking a blanket and wear it over the chair.]

Debbie: There, that's better, huh?

Ben: Oh yeah, much better.

Michael: I'm not gonna let my daughter be raised by a couple of single mothers.

Ben: When there's a loving stay home with their fathers.

[Debbie hears it and gets angry.]

Debbie: Single mothers? You just said, single mothers... you mean, like me?

Michael: I wasn't telling about you, I wasn't even thinking about you.

Debbie: Yeah, but someone was. But I was a single mother and guess what? Even without a father you still have enough sense to come out of the rain, sometimes.

Michael: That was NOT what I were talking about! Christ sakes, you stop torpedoing?

Debbie: Who's been torpedoing?

Ben: No, all we've saying...

Debbie: I know what you've said, I speak the language. But thank you very much. You think there were 2 of you would better raise a kid. But let me tell you two expert something. Not every one is fortunately to have a partner and enough money to stay home and raise their kids. Some of us had to work, night and day! Sometimes 2 shifts after the row until fucking morning, so that their kids can have sneakers and jeans and walkman's and go to the movies just like all their friends. And while we're out there we just hoping and praying to god that they don't getting sick or get in trouble! But we had no choice. We can make whatever sacrifies to our kids happyness. So, when you two thing you can make it better? All I gotta say is... good for you!

[At the hairdresser. Ted is there and a queer barber is there.]

Barber: I almost didn't recognize you since gain doll of weight!

Ted: It's not that much.

Barber: I wish I can gain weight like that. I try and I try and I eat and I eat but no matter what I do I can't keep it on.

Ted: Pity...

Barber: Chocolate?

Ted: No, diet.

Barber: Oh, and it's already working. You're hair is getting thinner.

Ted: Look, whatever else is going on, I always had a healthy hair.

Barber: Well, I hate to contradict, Mr.Schmidt, but the mirror has only one face and you're looking at it.

[He takes a mirror and show it to Ted.]

Ted: Shit! I'm getting bald! What do I do? Whad do I do?!

Barber: Well, there is a doubet day.

[An 60-year-old guy is siting behind them and has heared the conversation.]

Man: There is no use fighting it, sweetheart. I'm afraid age is the last trick on earth to fix that up. But after it fucks us it doesn't leave. So when I were you I stop singing the title song from poor man and excepted it.

Ted: Then what? Die?

Man: Come to Palm Springs. Poor yourself a martini and google the mexican boys.

Barber: Now, what shall we do with this? Some old, some bald?

[We're at the "perfect wedding" day. A hyper nervous bride driving nuts.]

Emmett: Oh, no matter what I do I'm getting wet in my eyes.

Lila: What if everybody's getting sneezing? I told you, we should have an endow...!

Emmett: Only sneezy are getting joy for the love of the pride.

Lila: I should think we had left my hair down. My face looks too round, doesn't it?

Emmett: It the perfect frame for the perfect picture.

Don: You hear that honey?

Lila: It's all an illusion. Does that rain clouds?

Emmett: I think it's time for the wedding toast.

Don: You need to relax.

[A waiter brings them two cup of red wine.]

Don: For my beautiful bride. From now on you're my moaning, special gift.

Lila: Don, what a beautiful toast.

[They toast each other and suddenly the red wine are over the white dress of the bride.]

Lila: Oh, my god! Oh, my god! I told you something get wrong, didn't I told you that it would be a desaster?! My glove! Look at me! How can I go out there? I can't. It's ruined. Everything it's ruined. [She cries hysterical.]

Emmett: Take it off.

Lila: What!?

Don: Take it off!

[Emmett give her a trenchcoat and runs with the dress in the kitchen.]

Emmett: I need a soup pod and two bottle of Beaudeur, please!

Don: You want cook something now!? It's a hell of a time to make it two minutes before our wedding!

[Emmett pours the two bottle in the pod. At the last he throw the dress in there.]


Emmett: Ssssh!

[At Lindsay's flat. Brian is there and plays with Gus locomotive. Lindsay slams the refrigerator.]

Lindsay: Just because I didn't care it doesn't mean I'm not a mother too.

Brian: You see the chu-chu go around, sonnyboy? See it? Sure as fun. But after a while it could be a senseless, tragical desaster!

[Just said the locomotive derails.]

Brian: Oh my god. You see that?

Lindsay: Brian, what are you doin''?

Brian: I just teaching my son to have fun.

Lindsay: I wish you would listening what I'm saying.

Brian: Just because I didn't care it doesn't mean I'm not a mother too?

Lindsay: I was there and stand in her way, pregnating her, coaching her, taking care of her. I even helped to delivery.

Brian: So, who says you're not?

Lindsay: Michael. He's petitioning my custody and 50% physical custody.

Brian: What the hell he thinks he is? The father?

Lindsay: We had an agreement. He was always be part of the babies life. But Mel and I raise her.

Brian: Together.

Lindsay: It doesn't make differents. We're still the same people, we're still Jenny-Rebeccas parents.

Brian: Well, he seems to feel diferently.

Lindsay: Only Mel are reasonable.

Brian: Melanie? Our little Melanie? Reasonable?

Lindsay: She still try to forced him out. Now, when he goes through I'm the one who forced out. Cause I'm the one with legal rights.

Brian: [to Gus] Looks like your mommie it's quite in predicament.

Lindsay: You're damnright she is. I can't believe what a mess my life become.

Brian: You want money?

Lindsay: What I need is that you talked to him. You're his best friend.

Brian: Hey Gus, it's ok, sonnyboy. We will get back on track.

[Back on the wedding. Emmett dries the dress. It's now pink.]

Emmett: I'll guess that now should do it. Wear that please.

[He takes pink flowers and put a few in the wedding bunch.]

Emmett: There. Now you have a perfect bouquet.

[All the worker are applauds Emmett.]

Emmett. Thank you, thank you. Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Lila: You're a genius.

Emmett: I'm not a genius, well a little less then genius. See, back in Hazelhurst when I was a boy my momo wear my a white pants for church. Well, before we got there I still see some boy in the car there and end up in the morast. My mom was just about the wood me. She picked a juice and it looks fabulous for the church. Now we're turn a desaster into something beautiful. Now you two walk to the isle and get married.

[The wedding march. Emmett looks at them and sneezed.]

[Hard cut to Poppers. Hot boys, hot music. Emmett with his trick.]

Emmett: C'mon honey, there's no backroom here. Let's go to my place.

[Brian in enemy place.]

Brian: Well, you must then. But there's a backroom in Babylon.

Emmett: Brian, hey, hey. We're... we're planing to drop by later.

Brian: Why not now? Where all the folks?

Emmett: Look, there's not my folks, everybody moved on. All the hot guys come here now. Well, not that one. [he looks to a strange men with blonde hair.] Gee, look at him. The same old tired man who tried to hold on...

[He's looking closer. The camera zoomt to his face - it's...]

Emmett: Teddy?

[Brian and Emmett looks to each other and smiles. Emmett goes away but Brian goes to him.]

Brian: Nice cut, Theodore.

Ted: Brian, what are you doing here?

Brian: Checking out the competition.

Ted: Me too.

Brian: Is that why you're in discuss?

Ted: It's... my new look.

[Some guy checking out Brian.]

Ted: I was try to something newer, tipper.

Brian: I'm trying to bring them back to Babylon, not scare them away.

[The trick opens Brian zipper on his pants.]

Ted: Well, do it fast or you gonna loose your pants.

Brian: Mine was start now.

[He goes away with his trick.]

[Cut to Brian's loft. Sunshine opens the door. He take down his bag and goes to the bedroom. He's smiling as we see through the slit that Brian isn't alone. He's fucking his new trick from Poppers.]

Brian: [just as he came] You're here? How was your flight?

[Justin only can smile.]

[Cut to a crying JR and a nervous Melanie. She's swing JR on her arms and try to calm her down.]

Mel: Ok, let's try this again.

[Someone knocks on the door. Melanie answer it.]

Debbie: Christ, what's goin' on in here? You can hear her crying around three blocks.

Mel: Colic. She's been up all night.

Debbie: Oh, she had that from Michael. Come here honey.

[Debbie takes JR on her arms.]

Debbie: Try that what I'm used to do at Michael.

Mel: Look, you really shouldn't been here. Considering he wants to sue my custody.

Debbie: He still haven't learned, heaven't you? We have a child, not a problem. You got have water bottle?

Mel: In the kitchen, I think.

Debbie: Good, with warm water.

[Cut later. Debbie sit down, with JR on her arms and the water bottle on her stomach. She's still crying, but a little lesser.]

Mel: Debbie, I know it's your granddaughter and I appreciate your help but...

Debbie: But...? What?

Mel: Until this things settle down...

Debbie: I concerned what's all it is. I'm caring your three. It's almost like the bible, you know with Salomon.

[JR is asleep.]

Debbie: But the bottom line, I say the baby should stay with her mother.

Mel: You do?

Debbie: Maybe it's because I'm a mother, a single mother. And anyone who isn't nor has been hasn't a fucking clue how tough it is and that includes my son. So I do a little help in here.

Mel: Thank you for being on my side.

[Liberty diner, where all the boys and Debbie hears the fantastic life of Justin in LA.]

Justin: I hate the life in LA. The wheater never changes, all anybody talkes about is the business. If you don't have a project we're unvisible.

Emmett: Yeah, yeah, as the same as everywhere. The guys, are hot?

Justin: Yeah, but after a while they all start to look the same. Perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect body.

Ben: Sounds perfect awful.

Justin: And you cannot try anyone or believe anything that anybody ever says. Everybody looking out for themselves and their careers.

Ted: Sounds exactly what I'm hear about L.A.

[Said Ted who's siting at the counter. He's eating some cake.]

Ted: What a show, superficial assholes desperately tring to be or not.

Ben: Yeah, I guess it's good.

Debbie: I can't honey. It's at the counter. Help yourself. You're lucky that you're in one piece, baby.

Michael: So much about "Rage - the movie".

Ted: So much about "Rage - the money".

Ben: It's ok, we'll be fine.

Justin: You know, it's not the way they make it. Ben, you're right. By the time they finished it Rage would round up straight.

Michael: At least we have the comic. Our comic.

Debbie: And most important, you're back where you belong.

Emmett: Yeah, what you're gonna do now, baby?

Justin: I haven't so much change to be.

Debbie: Don't you worry baby, you're old job is still waiting for you. You can start buss table anytime you will.

[Debbie kisses sunshine at his cheek. She's leaving.]

Ted: Now, how like your turk now?

[At the television studio. Emmett show up and goes to the formerly groom, the executive producer Don.]

Don: Emmett, welcome to Chanel 5 news. Everybody still talking about where Lila have that dress and that beautiful colour.

Emmett: Well, that it's all right. Is anything I can do for you? You're next wedding. [he giggles.]

Don: Actually there is. I watch you day after day during that whole wedding.

Emmett: You did?

Don: And I have a proposition to make.

Emmett: You do?

Don: I want you, Emmett.

Emmett: Oh man, what is that about the straight man. I'm very flattert but you're a married man now...

Don: What you're talkin'? You don't think I'm... [he laughs] Please, no.

Emmett: But you says, you wanted me.

Don: For the news team.

Emmett: As what? Sports commentators? Weather fay? I think you're terribly dissappointed.

Don: Listen up, I tell you queer is very hot right now. Everybody wants the gay prospective. What the gays think about fashion, cooking, decorating? Like you said that gaves us straight a little twist.

Emmett: And you want me to...

Don: To do a new segment. First the gay point of view. Give us some tips. Do some make-overs.

Emmett: But I've never...

Don: After the magic you performed at the wedding you can do anything. You're the chanel 5's queer guy.

[Brian is standing at the empty Babylon and looking through some papers. Michael's shown up.]

Michael: Without those lights and the music and the hot guys it's just a room, isn't it?

Brian: It's all an illusion. And nothing but cheep the attics. Sorry about your baby.

Michael: Jenny?

Brian: Rage.

Michael: Oh, that. Right now I've got more important things to think about. So why the urgent message on my cell?

Brian: [long pause] I want you to leave Melanie and Lindsay alone. They're have enough shit to work out right now without your sick and bulldog, or should I say bulldyke lawyer.

Michael: What the fuck business it's about yours when I hire a lawyer? Who the fuck are you...?

Brian: I'm Gus's father, that's the fuck I am.

Michael: Yeah to loose a ball before you knew he was alive!

[Michael think about the last sentence while Brian looks straight in his face.]

Michael: I'm sorry that was a phrase for a mark. It's just... because you're parents son too. I thoughed you understand.

Brian: What I understand is when you get through to this, Lindsay's the one who left out. She's the one who get's fucked over.

Michael: Well, then she had thoughed about that before she cheated on Mel and lie to me.

Brian: Christ, would you give it a rest already? We all now the story.

Michael: Why do you stop defending her for a change and try to defending me, your best friend. Right now the best thing for Jenny-Rebecca is to be with Ben and me. In a stable home, not pass back and forward by that babbling lesbians.

[Michael starts to go.]

Brian: When did you change?

Michael: What?

Brian: When you become this higher saint judging twit?

Michael: It's not "when did I change". The point is, why havent't you. Stop be over the hill club boy and grow up.

Brian: Oh, now I'm the object of your disapproval too. Since you and the professor get married in fucking Canada you move from the Liberty Avenue like the other heterosexuals and that gives you suddenly the right to make pronounces on everybodies life? Then welcome to the other side of the perfect marriage, Mikey. It's called gay divorced. Fags and dykes can fuck up their lives just like the rest of the world.

Michael: I'm just try to do what's best of my daughter and protect my rights. I'm sorry you can't see that.

[At Ted's home. Ted's watching himself in the mirror. He's checking his face, his belly, his little hair. He must interrupted that for the doorbell. It's Emmett.]

Emmett: Just call me ... the queer guy.

Ted: Want you to call hope the catholic guy?

Emmett: Don, the producer of the chanel 5 news at those wedding wants me to join the news team. I'm returning to the camera. This time with my clothes on! I'm the chanel 5's queer guy. Cheering tips, making clips and showing Pittsburgh how to be fabulous.

Ted: Start by showing me. My hair, my face. God, I look like a sharp head.

Emmett: There is nothing wrong with the way you look.

Ted: Would you stop being friend and be honest?

Emmett: I am been honest! C'mon here. Come here.

[He's leading him to the mirror.]

Emmett: Look at yourself. Your true self. The self that kicked crystal. The complete the Liberty Ride, that a great job, your turned your life around, Teddy. And I've been very, very proud of you, practically a hero. Who cares if you weight a few pounds or have a few character lines? Stop looking at the shove and see the pearl.

Ted: [long pause] You're right, Em. You so right.

Emmett: I do doin' good, did I? Well, those queer guy need to the gym and get some beauty rest. See you baby.

Ted: Thanks, Em. Hey, you're gonna make a great queer guy. You already are.

Emmett: Can't help it!

[Ted goes to his telephon and dials a number. He look at the newspaper to an add "re new - cosmetic surgeons".]

Ted: Hi, yes. My name is Ted Schmidt and I like to see the doctor.

[At Michael's comic book store. Mel enters the enemy territorium.]

Michael: I'm right be with you. My attourney advise my not talking to you.

Mel: Well, I'm a attourney too and I know she's over the causes. After all we're friends. A family.

Michael: Are we?

Mel: I'm sure we can work this out. Save us a lot grieves and legal expenses with goes to lawyer who didn't want that we talked about it. Look, I admit I over-reacted. I've just been protective, the way any mother would. You can understand that.

Michael: It's obviously.

Mel: There is no question that you are part of Jenny-Rebecca's life. It's just she's so young. She's still breath feeding. So I was thinking that later on the road when she's 4 or 5 she can spend some time with you and Ben. I think that's perfectly reasonable, don't you?

Michael: How dumb do you think I am? No, don't answer that - I can imagine. First you tell me I have no rights, which isn't true. I have as much rights as you do. Now you try to get me agree up until she's 4 or 5. Sorry Mel, I'm not backing off.

Mel: I can't believe you're doin' this. After we stood right here in your store and agree that you could be the father instead of a sperm donator.

Michael: And why want you let me have her?

Mel: Because you don't know a shit about raisin' a baby. Even your own mother agrees.

Michael: My mother?

Mel: Yeah, she think you beheaving like an asshole!

Michael: Oh really? You know what? I don't give a shit what my mother thinks. Jenny-Rebecca is my daughter too and I'm going to join custody.

Mel: You go ahead and try. But let my tell you, you're not up against one angry mother and lesbian, you're up against one pissed-off lawyer.

[At Brian's loft. Brian and Justin are have sex. After this sex scene both are naked in bed.]

Brian: So, was that all you remembered?

Justin: Even more. What about you?

Brian: It was... okay.

Justin: Just okay? It was great. See it was great. See it was great.

[Both laughs.]

Brian: It was great, it was great. I thoughed you're never coming back. Why would you?

Justin: I can't imagine.

[Justin stands up and Brian light up a cigarette. Then he reach down and got a sketch from Justin at his hand.]

Brian: What's this?

Justin: It's one of my storyboards for the movie.

Brian: It's good.

Justin: Thanks.

Brian: What?

Justin: Nothing. I told everyone how shitty it was there. How stupid everyone was. The truth is I loved it. It was hot, it was fun, it was exciting. We could changed the world with the first gay superhero. Now it's over.

Brian: No, you're back. It must quite down the trouble.

Justin: You still think Pittsburgh has what Hollywood hasn't?

[They kiss each other.]

Justin: Well, if the offers still stands.

[Brian opens the shelf - it's empty. Just as that waited for Justin to moved back in. Fade to black.]

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